Custom rustic tables

Fed up of IKEA and other low-cost Nordic design stores? We see a new trend appear little by little, custom rustic tables.

The “good furniture” never goes out of style, whether it is Nordic, minimalist, rustic or classic, but we can see new tastes that go towards the “Natural Furniture”. We want to feel, touch, smell the wood in all its state and when more rustic, the better … They even ask me to save the bark of the tree … and why not? Although for a good cabinetmaker, it may seem an aberration, the truth is that there is a demand and it is not always easy to satisfy the client’s desire to have a super rustic “piece” of wood with a single plank, of course …
The good thing about this trend is that when the fashion for this style passes, the same wooden plank can be recovered to make another style of furniture. It is not lost since it is practically worked “rough”.

Working this kind of furniture is not always easy and not cheap, as most people think. Solid wood requires a long drying of several years, not rushing. If not, we will see the wood crack in a few days and we could even lose a huge plank even if it is 10 cm thick.

I encourage carpenters and cabinetmakers to work solid wood but with awareness and love of a job well done. Do not turn custom rustic tables into “log scrap”.

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