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Tables of the ARTE collection. These tables are made to measure for various purposes such as: work tables, dining tables, meeting tables, lounge tables, entrance tables, etc. They are made of Spanish walnut or other wood with custom wooden or iron legs.

Each piece is unique thanks to its solid wood plank.

The table in this photo is 150 cm long and 53 cm wide and 74 cm high. Each piece of furniture is signed by the author.

Reference: Mesa ARTE
Worldwide shipments.

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Table from the ARTE collection. Chestnut wood.

Each piece is signed by the author. A unique furniture thanks to its solid wood plank with custom iron legs.

133 cm long.
74 cm high.
60 cm wide.
Measurements according to the pictures.

Reference: Mesa ARTE_2
Worldwide Shipping.

Unique piece signed. Each piece of furniture is packed in a wooden box for maximum care.

If you are interested in this product, you can contact me here specifying the dining table reference: