This carpentry and artistic woodworking course is aimed at all people interested in learning the trade from the beginning. Each student goes at their own pace, it is not a race but an apprenticeship. Work will be done manually without machines and classes will be taught in Spanish or French. You can also enjoy a beautiful environment with mountain views and breathe fresh air…

It is important to note that the basis of the BRANCH WOOD, is the carpentry followed by the joinery to be able to develop some future project, both as a hobby or as a professional development. If someone wants to make a good table, chair, some toys or a musical instrument, the first thing they should have is a good base to then create something personal.
In English it is what we call “fine furniture maker“.

My students come in general without any knowledge of wood so welcome to beginners…
I see my workshop as an open door to the hobby, to have fun and learn something new but also towards more professional training, it will depend a lot on the goal of each person.

I recommend attending a minimum of half a day per week for at least 2 years to see a good progress of work and acquire a good base of the trade.
If you want to move faster, you can attend more classes, it depends on the time and budget of each person…

Escape to the Madrid Sierra half a day per week. You will fill yourself with pure air, landscapes and relax by learning something new:
«the exciting world of wood«.

I also teach ONLINE COURSES in carpentry, cabinetmaking and furniture restoration.

Woodworking classes

«The hand that dominates the tool will be the Master of woodworking.»


If you are interested and wish to receive more information about the courses, you can send me an email to the following link and I will respond as soon as possible.