Welcome to my site. Enjoy it, think about it and feel it.

Bienvenido a mi web. Disfrútala, medítala y siéntela.


“Good cabinetmaking will give the antiques of tomorrow, allowing us to continue to enjoy great works for centuries and perpetuate the art of the restorative-conservative.”

Jean Baptiste Van den Heede
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The search for signs, writing and conscious or unconscious figures, such are the concerns of my artistic work. The human being works in such a way that when he encounters something that provokes him, calms him, cheers him or fills him with love, he reacts without knowing the reason for his temperament.

I, for my part, try to balance my feelings through the analysis of my work and therefore show the best I have to those who can see and feel in “balance” with it.

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This carpentry and artistic woodworking course is aimed at all people interested in learning the trade from the beginning. Each student goes at their own pace, it is not a race but an apprenticeship. Work will be done manually without machines and classes will be taught in Spanish or French. You can also enjoy a beautiful environment with mountain views and breathe fresh air…

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My ideas about work / Mis ideas del oficio
The main ideas I defend about my profession and the responsability we all have to keep in mind.

Las ideas principales que defiendo sobre mi profesión y la responsabilidad que todos debemos tener en cuenta.

Design and production / Diseño y producción
What if you want to auto produce your designs?

¿Y si quieres auto producir tus diseños?

The journey of my life / El viaje de mi vida
All the experience and expertice I’ve gained during my life that took me to this point.

Toda la experiencia y los conocimientos adquiridos durante mi vida que me llevaron a este punto.

Exhibition + awards / Exposiciones + premios
Different achivements I reached with my knowledge, experience and passion about woodworking and art.

Diferentes logros que alcancé con mi conocimiento, experiencia y pasión por la carpintería y el arte.

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