The search for signs, writing and conscious or unconscious figures, such are the concerns of my artistic work. The human being works in such a way that when he encounters something that provokes him, calms him, cheers him or fills him with love, he reacts without knowing the reason for his temperament. Art as expression.

I, for my part, try to balance my feelings through the analysis of my work and therefore show the best I have to those who can see and feel in «balance» with it.

My works are based on the continuity of humanity; whether of European, African, American influence… and of any era. Giving preference to the prehistoric world, in union with today’s world.

Art and design

«Signs that tell us about something we all have inside as part of a common heritage and that only needs to be revealed in the light.»


These are some of the work I have done. I invite you to see them:

art and design

“Function and form are two fundamental components in furniture design; on the other hand, for the creator, the feeling, emotion or reflection caused by his art are elements of another dimension.”