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ESCALIER 1 2 3 auxiliary side tables. Carrara marble with a single block and top in Carrara marble, Marquina black marble or Indio green to choose from. There is also a base version in patinated metal.

A very versatile piece of furniture since it can be combined with different materials and sizes and also bought without a lid.

In a piece that we can consider ART DESIGN since it can be seen as a sculpture with a function of side tables at the same time.

A spectacular piece of furniture for luxurious environments. Signed by its author.

51 cm high.
70 cm long.
Lid of 45 cm in diameter or 60 cm to choose.

ESCALIER 1 2 3 for the marble version.
ESCALIER 1 2 3 FER for the iron version.
Worldwide Shipping.

  • Side table 4
  • Side table 4 detail
  • Side table 4 top
  • Side table 4 marble
  • Side table 4 marble detail
  • Side table 4 exhibit

Side table “4” made of wood and slate or green marble. A practical side table with different finishes.

42 cm high.
Lid of 60 cm in diameter.

Reference: Side table “4”
Worldwide Shipping.

Series numbered and signed by the designer.
Each piece of furniture is packed in a wooden box for maximum care.

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