Author furniture in Spain

Author furniture in Spain is on the rise, although it is clear that we must fight every day to convince the customer of its added value as an “exclusive piece” or as “limited series furniture”.

The author’s furniture is a creation with soul and heart that requires dedication, patience and a lot of care because it tries to give a very personal touch to the piece. It is a close relationship between the author and the work. Between “the hand and the mind” to create a great piece of furniture that will last over time.

Being a process of creation and elaboration much longer than usual, it will therefore be at a higher price than what we are used to. Although it will also give us a much higher pleasure than a piece of furniture without soul and heart. The author’s furniture is a piece of furniture with noble materials and thoroughly studied techniques.

I encourage the potential buyer to bet on new furniture concepts, new construction values and as always, thinking that Author’s Furniture is a good investment. You will enjoy it for a lifetime and will also increase in value over time.

Cabinetmaker and Designer Furniture Author.
Jean Baptiste Van den Heede

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