The Cabinetmaker

My ideas about work.
The main ideas I defend as a cabinetmaker, my philosophy a and the responsability we all have to keep in mind.

The journey of my life.
All the experience and expertice I’ve gained during my life as a cabinetmaker that took me to this point.

Author furniture in Spain.
Author furniture in Spain and its value. Works with soul and high quality that, although generally more expensive, are revalued over time.

Furniture designer and auto production.
What if you want to auto produce your designs?

Furniture for rent.
Author design furniture for rent is a new proposal that I propose with my design creations and works of art.

Brutalist creations.
Brutalist creations as a durable and quality alternative to low cost tables. The use of solid wood and the awareness in a job well done.

Ecological and natural furniture.
Ecological and natural furniture as an alternative to reduce the impact of the industry on nature. Sustainability and awareness.

Spanish design furniture.
Design furniture is a creation with soul and heart that requires dedication, patience and a lot of care in order to last over time.

Exhibition + awards.
Different achivements I reached with my knowledge, experience and passion about woodworking and art.

the cabinetmaker

«The work environment is very important for the creator, it allows them to develop the work with serenity.»