My ideas about work


My ideas about work

“Humanity cannot move forward without recovering the work of solid wood again. The use of chipboard, particle board and other wood products condemn forests and furniture to an authentic ecological, cultural and historical disaster.”

The beauty of natural wood is permanent and improves over time, just like a good wine. It gives heat to the home, it can be restored and preserved for centuries.

“Good woodwork will make tomorrow’s antiques possible; which will allow us to continue enjoying them for centuries and will perpetuate the art of the restorative-conservative”.

“The use of wood is healthy for the present and future. Working solid wood requires reforestation and controlled forests, which provides us with oxygen, rainfall, fertility, prevents erosion and does not contaminate”.

Unlike the industrial furniture of agglomerates and derivatives, the solid furniture can be disassembled and reassembled dozens of times without suffering irreversible damage. Solid wood is NOT more expensive than laminated furniture because it resists the passage of time. For example, a dining table will last several generations.

The furniture does not require that it be made of “noble” wood as it is understood. A good pine table will last perfectly 200 years. If we want to pay more, then ask for oak or walnut… it’s a matter of luxury…

The carpenter’s job is also at stake. It’s not just a matter of living in the present, let’s think about the future, and let’s be even a little selfish… “ours”. Ours as Human Being living on this wonderful Earth.

Jean Baptiste Van den Heede

Cabinet maker – Designer and Artist

“Solid wood is the past and future of carpentry, as well as woodworking. Controlled forests and correct environmental management will allow us a guaranteed permanence on Planet Earth”.

Jean-Baptiste Van den Heede.