Furniture for rent

Author design furniture for rent is a new proposal that I propose with my design creations and works of art.

Currently, the sale of real estate is being reinvented with an integral decoration that the buyer may or may not acquire, with the purchase of the house.

A design loft with designer furniture or antique furniture usually favors and enhances the charm of a space. Consequently, it will give you an expensive surplus value for sale or rent.

This trend of proposing luxury furnished flats is on the rise in Madrid and other major cities. It is clear that visiting an empty emblematic building is not the same as giving it a touch of “home”. Thus, upon entering, it immediately offers us a welcoming aspect that will help us decide to appropriate it and make it our own.

The renting of Works of Art or furniture for rent is already a well-known phenomenon. It has been used for years for events, to decorate the company office or simply to give a special touch and set your home. Being also deductible by the professional in his tax return. It is an “investment” that you can also return or buy at the end of the rental of the piece of work.

Iconic furniture for rent is already a reality in vogue to help in the sale of flats and houses around the world. Luxury furniture for rent at an affordable price to enjoy as long as you want. It is a new life option for the individual or the professional.

In the cinema or theater, they are already accustomed to renting works of art, designer furniture, antiques, high-class renting or antique pieces. Anything goes depending on the style you want to give the space.

 Jean-Baptiste Van den Heede.

If you are interested in renting some of my works, you can contact me.

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