Furniture designer and auto production

furniture designer

The dream of many artists, furniture designer and creators is to get to produce their own creations. Getting to this point is usually a very long and drawn out process and often goes nowhere.
Almost always everything starts in your head and then the drawings follow and, from time to time, you get to go to the technical level. If we get to this point, we will have already made a big step…

And now what?

Small scale model, prototype… looking for a firm?
Yes, the dream in general for any furniture designer, is to find a firm interested in our product. The bad thing is that it is usually a dream that is rarely fulfilled, but that’s the way dreams are…

What if I try to auto produce my designs?

It is the challenge of Jean Baptiste Van den Heede who defines himself as a productdesigner.

His roots and his vocation have come together to give him total versatility, because in addition to designing he self-produces his own furniture designs and confesses that he enjoys this most when he works on the study and realization of the prototype, either for one of his pieces or for another designer, architect or individual.

furniture designer

«I encourage the creator, furniture designer to AUTO PRODUCE their designs because it can be a great idea and pays off in the long run. Is a long process that you can do yourself or in collaboration with different workshops. It requires a lot of patience, but you will learn a lot because we will go through each point until we get to the completion of the piece. It is a training in a field that can be disheartening, but also gives us much satisfaction, and it will almost certainly lead to the final manufacture of a single or serial piece. What is also interesting is that, if we manage to present a finished product, it will be easier to attract the attention of a design firm.»

Jean-Baptiste Van den Heede.

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